Daily disappointments—unkind words, unpleasant attitudes, unmet expectations, unfulfilled promises and the like—are the misdemeanors of married life. We must learn to manage these well. Otherwise, they will ruin our love and affection.

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Here’s the link to Pastor Kerry’s online course: https://sidewaysrelationships.com/

Kerry Decker

Kerry Decker

Pastor, Life Coach & Reasonable Faith Chapter Director

Pastor Kerry has been ministering in churches since 1976. He has a wealth of ministry experience both the local church and working with mission agencies.

He’s the founder of WebinarChurch.org and KaboomSummits.com and is a Reasonable Faith Chapter Director.

He has developed a couple online courses, including SidewaysRelationships.com and Principle1335.com

Kerry is married to Janice and they have three adult children and two grandchildren.